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What is Square Dancing
What Is Square Dancing?
Modern Square Dancing is a mental and physical challenge. It is dancing, it is thinking, it is teamwork. You can't do it by one's or two's. Moving in rhythm to the music keeps you physically fit. Reacting quickly to the square dance caller's calls keep you mentally on your toes. And your team of eight dancers depends on you to keep those toes moving.

Learning the basic steps is easy. Experienced square dance callers teach you the moves and the names of the calls that you dance. You practice those moves until they feel as natural as walking. Then even more fun begins as you join a club. Your square dance caller combines the basic moves and steps into whole dance patterns. You and your teammates follow the calls each arm turn brings a surprise and as the pattern concludes all the arm turns bring you back to your partner.

Square dancers are all kinds of folks sharing a love of action and teamwork. Square dancers are company presidents, secretaries, machinists, farmers, corporals, colonels, doctors, nurses, whatever you think of. When square dancers get together they talk about square dancing. No one knows who's the corporal and who is a colonel. What they want to know about you is can you really dance. That is what matters.

Square dancing is movement to music. It is done in couples, with teams of four couples. It is not a spectator sport. It is for the active in heart and mind. Square dance clubs are ready-made groups of friends. When you travel there are dance clubs to find on every continent, in every country, in every state or province. There is no better way for active, contemporary people to meet each other and build a circle of friends.
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